The same challenge, a new age.

Hello everyone,

I noticed this blog feature on our website and thought it might be a nice way to stay in touch 'beyond the curtain' so to speak.

I'm Andrew, a lot of you will have seen me on the Swan Stage over the years, yet I would imagine little is known about me or my role at the Civic Players. I shall, through this blog endeavor to paint a picture of my past experiences while keeping you all informed of the thoughts of both me, and the current committee which I have been a part of for some time now, all be it off and on.

I believe all societies have their ups and downs and The Civics are of course not immune to this, but I have always found it a very accepting place to be, where genuine lifelong friendships are made and a lot is learned along the way. I think there are a lot of threats to Theatre groups up and down the country, both professional and amateur. Not only the constant battle to fill auditoriums, but membership of core society people, when through a digital world, your actors and technicians are able to juggle multiple productions and societies, leaving the few diehards trying to piece together a committee where you don't all just swap roles every three years!

So I believe the aim of this blog, shall be to keep you all in the loop as to where we are intending to go as a society while reciting to you the struggles along the way. Just last night we had a meeting, which will be the last of this current setup, as people move on and away new faces will be required to input their ideas which can only be a good thing. Within this meeting I have my Chairman's report section in the Agenda, where I start by saying "I've not really got much to report this time." and then proceed to talk for the next 20 minutes without taking a breath! (The others do love my reports I'm sure of it)

Within this we have had a few new ideas, one of which is to create a new role on the committee where we have a 'digital media' position. This being a specific person solely in charge of our website, Facebook, emails, blog and setting up the box office. The times are a changing, as they say and with it new roles and responsibilities need to be addressed. Along with this proposal we are looking to increase our membership by connecting with youth groups, creating a dedicated box office phone number which can be passed on from production to production and a programme based game for our audience to participate in to win free tickets each night during show week.

Our aim with regards to reaching out to youth groups also lead us onto including our much loved patrons in our social events, so they might get to know us a little better (should they wish to), which in turn, we hope will push out the family feel of our society to wider regions. Also contacting past members whom have drifted away for various reasons is another ambition of ours.

I think you could say we are attempting to create a sort of 'reaching out' programme as we have, in the past few years, been concentrating on improving our productions, modernising the society so far less time and effort is required to run things and bringing the fun back into the group. All of this has means we have neglected to include the wider and more social aspects which are a core feature of why many choose this as their hobby.

I think I will wrap things up here for now, hopefully you have a very brief insight of our immediate thoughts and plans. The AGM is only three weeks away now where I will have to stand down as Chairman. I have been immensely proud to stand as chair for The Civic Players, having joined them at the age of 19 it has had a huge influence on my life, making me the person I am today. I am only leaving due to a required year at University (At 33 this is going to nearly kill me!) and look forward to picking things up again for the November 2018 production.

Speak soon folks, thanks for reading.


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